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Oil & Gas/T2 Safety Systems

The purpose of this program is to provide specialized classroom instruction and practical shop experience in oilfield production.


This program provides a general overview of oil and gas production processes and emphasizes safe and efficient work practices, basic occupational skills and employability skills. 






*Oil Treatment


            *Oil Measurement


            *Gas Processing

            *Water Treatment

            *Safety Systems

            *Job Seeking Skills


Safety Policy

Safety and accident prevention, as an integral part of the instructional program, are priorities at Eunice Career and Technical Education Center.  Students are taught that safety is everyone’s responsibility.



Roustabouts range from $25,000 to $44,000 per year depending on training, experience and company employed by.  Level I Operators range from $35,300 to $63,600.


School Operation

Students are bused on a 2-Hour basis with lunch being provided by their home school.  Each student is expected to come to class daily with the necessary materials or supplies. 


Entrance Dates

New students are enrolled each school year on a space available basis. 


Entrance Requirements

Senior in high school


Course Credit

Basic Production – 1 credit

T-2 Safety Systems – 1 credit


Successful graduates will achieve industry certification in Production Safety Systems (T2) in accordance with Title 30CFR250.1503 subpart “O”.  APITPCP-0010



Certificate of Completion

The following requirements must be met in order for a student to receive a Certificate of Completion from any technical area.

  1.  Must attend 170 days per year.
  2. Must complete the program with a final grade of “C” or better to receive a Certificate of Completion.
  3. Must obey all rules and regulations set forth by ECTEC and the instructor.
  4. If a student is suspended from ECTEC for misconduct or violation of school or parish policies, the instructor of his/her course has the right to withhold the student’s Certificate of Completion.
  5. An instructor can withhold a Certificate of Completion if they determine that the student did not meet the competency level of that particular course.
  6. Student must pass the Basic Production course in the fall to continue in the T2 Safety Systems course in the spring.  Failure to meet all requirements in the Basic Production will result in the student not participating in the certification course.